This service is designed for businesses that would benefit from the ongoing involvement of an experienced finance professional to provide advice and handle a variety of assignments for the company.

The CFO on Call is not intended to replace your public
accounting firm. 
We work with you on an on-going basis to provide owners and managers an additional resource to improve their business.  We provide the services of an internal CFO who works with employees, managers, banks and other lenders, tax specialists, auditors, computer services firms, government agencies, suppliers, customers, and others to continually improve the financial position,  operational efficiency, and profitability of the company.

Many private companies do not have the budget to maintain a senior accountant on staff.  This solution is an ideal way to supplement your staff with expertise not typically found in public accounting firms.

Whether it be monthly accounting, staff training, computer systems, preparation of business plans, strategic planning, tax planning, development of systems and procedures, cash flow improvement, segmented profitability analysis, regulatory filings, insurance and risk management issues, evaluation of new business opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, financing agreements, succession planning, staffing issues, or a whole rank of other activities, our clients can rely on a confidential and committed business advisor who is more than simply an accounting professional.

Let's talk about how this service can best be used in your business.
On-going involvement and familiarity with your business will allow us to develop ideas and suggest improvements to more than offset out costs.  We not only make suggestions, we will work with you to fully implement them.  We coach your staff so that we aren't needed next time.  (How many professionals or consultants make that promise?)  We provide executive level support on an as needed basis.

For a free initial consultation, please contact us.

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