Equipment Financing

Why use us to do the financing you want?

BBFC is a one-stop shop for equipment financing solutions.

We use many markets besides ourselves--we comparison shop for you.

We offer finance rates which are competitive with most other lenders..  Our custom-tailored deal structuring may improve your cash flow.

If your financing is easy, we work hard to offer you the best deal.  If it is more difficult to place, we save you time and frustration by shopping the markets for you.  By preparing an underwriting report we can save you the hassle of shopping multiple lenders.

We have experience financing industrial, transportation and commercial equipment.

What kind of financing do we offer?

We offer operating leases, capital leases and term loans

We structure equipment financing deals according to your objectives.  We can help you consider cash-flow requirements, income tax issues, accounting and balance sheet presentation issues when selecting the correct financing structure.

We can often structure leases with balloon payments at the end in order to lower your monthly payment.  We can also structure financing with skip payments or other special terms depending on the special needs of your business.

Amortization periods vary depending on the amount of downpayment, the operating history of your business, and the type of equipment financed. 

Each industry and equipment type has unique characteristics, so there is no standard financing offer for all types. 

Please call or e-mail us to discuss how we can help you with your equipment financing needs.

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